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VCFS Educational Foundation International Scientific Meeting 

18-21 July

Dublin, Ireland


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for fantastic resources and presentations relating to 22q11.2 DS/VCFS 

Our website is here to help you find information about Velo Cardio Facial Syndrome (commonly referred to as VCFS in this site, and by the support group). It covers what causes VCFS, the common symptoms, shares news from meetings and conferences, links to other worldwide sites and groups (who have more extensive information) and provides support to individuals affected by VCFS and their families/carers.

As fellow parents of children who have been diagnosed with VCFS, we know how scary and confusing this time can be.

Often we feel isolated and desperate for answers about this Syndrome and what exactly it will mean for our child. Why did this happen to us? Will our child be able to live a normal life? How many manifestations of VCFS will our child have?, are all very common questions that may arise when your child is first diagnosed with the Syndrome.

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